About Us

Grand Avenue Family Dental is located in Surprise, Arizona. We are a full-service dental office that provides the latest technology available in the field of dentistry in order to give our patients the safest and most efficient dental care possible. We cover a wide range of dental needs, including preventative, cosmetic dentistry, dentures/partials and implants to ensure that you have the healthiest and brightest smile possible.

Our friendly team ensures your visit to the dentist is easy and comfortable for you and your children. Making sure your child starts seeing the dentist as soon as baby teeth come in is important for ensuring a lifetime of healthy habits. At Grand Avenue Family Dental, we are kind, compassionate and specially trained to provide comprehensive dental care to young and old alike. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while or it’s time for your next checkup, Grand Avenue Family Dental has the technology and the techniques to give you the best oral care possible.